Canada is ranked a dismal 26th and 27th out of 35 countries on measures of bullying and victimization.1

Bullying is a relationship issue that can prevent kids from developing a positive self-concept and we, as a country, need to do more to reduce its harmful effects.

HIGH FIVE has worked cooperatively with PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network) to create HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) and HIGH FIVE Sport training, which give front line staff working with kids’ programs the expertise to mediate the negative effects of bullying. Learning effective strategies focused on communication, consequences and building on children’s strengths, leaders and coaches have the knowledge they need to create emotionally safe environments which help children build friendships and feel socially accepted.

In 2013, HIGH FIVE updated PHCD training to include new modules on key areas like bullying, conflict resolution, physical literacy, children’s mental health and moderate to vigorous physical activity. These core enhancements are also available in PHCD Update training for leaders who have previously taken PHCD prior to 2013-14. HIGH FIVE training for front line staff includes free access to HIGH FIVE Healthy Minds for Healthy Children online training, which offers engagement strategies for nurturing resiliency in children and provides insights into common mental health distress or conditions that children could be experiencing. Should bullying occur, this invaluable knowledge allows program staff to support children who have been affected.

1. According to a recent World Health Organization survey

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