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As a powerful infuencer and leader in your industry, you have the power to help provide kids across Canada the Best Way to PlayTM! We're excited to explore opportunities with you. Opportunities to position yourself as a passionate advocate for healthy, happy kids and HIGH FIVE as the definitive mark of quality that parents know to look for when enrolling their child in a program.

Our mission is to ensure that providers of kids' programs have the necessary tools to be experts in healthy child development, and to help parents make informed choices about how to set their kids up for an active lifetime of well-being and success.

We depend on passionate advocates like you to help us spread our message across Canada!

A little more about us:

HIGH FIVE is Canada’s only comprehensive quality standard for children’s programs and holds true to the following five Principles of healthy child development that our research indicates are essential for quality programs.

  • A Caring Adult
  • Friends
  • Play
  • Mastery
  • Participation

HIGH FIVE’s unique and proprietary approach is built on a Quality Framework, consisting of:

  • Training and Development for staff
  • Program Assessments using the scientifically-validated QUEST 2 Tool
  • Establishing Policies and Procedures to manage risk
  • Creating Awareness of high quality programs for kids

HIGH FIVE provides an evidence-based approach to positive experiences for kids, empowering them to excel in life.

Further reading

Our Quality Matters Report covers the exciting initiatives HIGH FIVE has been involved in over the last few years, along with our expansive national network of industry partners and stakeholders. We're growing rapidly! Read it here

You can also peruse a collection of HIGH FIVE promotional material, outlining key benefits and messaging, to help you understand how program providers use HIGH FIVE as a holistic approach to providing positive experiences for kids.

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