New Report: Physical Literacy and Injury Prevention Study

New evidence shows that there is a need to increase the knowledge of physical literacy and injury prevention by practitioners in children’s recreation programs.

Being launched by LJ Bartle at the International Physical Literacy Conference this weekend, the study was part of the collaborative Play Safe Initiative, an effort to reduce injury in sport and recreation activities. It was conducted by the RBC First Office for Injury Prevention in partnership with Parks and Recreation Ontario and its HIGH FIVE Standard for children’s sport and recreation.

The study, which involved approximately 200 leaders from recreation organizations, showed that physical literacy and injury prevention needs to be better incorporated into children's recreation practitioners’ training regardless of age, education, and type of organization.

Through our HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) training, front line leaders and staff are able to explore physical literacy and learn about fundamental movement skills which are the building blocks to help keep kids safe and healthy. We want front line leaders to understand their role in helping kids develop physical literacy in a positive way so kids are motivated to try new physical activities and take developmentally appropriate risks. We also provide leaders with a Physical Activity Toolkit that has additional support and activities related to physical literacy and physical activity so that they understand how to infuse these concepts in a positive way.

Moving forward, HIGH FIVE intends to continue supporting kids to become more physically literate through quality programs so that they remain active for life!

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