New Report: Resiliency and Recreation Summary Report

New evidence that A Caring Adult and Friends are critical in ensuring positive experiences for children as well as helping to nurture core character traits that result in resiliency!

Parks and Recreation Ontario, through its HIGH FIVE® Standard, recently partnered with Resiliency Initiatives on a study to look at the effects of recreation on child resiliency.  The study, which involved a questionnaire and more than 200 children in recreation programs across Canada, showed improvement in core character traits such as adaptability and social connectedness after the children participated in recreation programs.

Key findings also substantiated the foundation on which HIGH FIVE is based, specifically that as the role of A Caring Adult and Friends increased, so did the children’s core character traits which help develop resiliency.

This is just the beginning of our work in this area.  These are great trends that we can build off of in our continued efforts to help providers of kids' programs provide The Best Way to PlayTM!

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