Principles of Healthy Child Development 4-hour and Modules

In 2020, HIGH FIVE® National launched Principles of Healthy Child Development 4-hour (PHCD 4-hour), a 4-hour training that encompasses the essential knowledge of the Principles of Healthy Child Development and the HIGH FIVE Design Guidelines.

A lot has changed since the PHCD 7-hour course was developed more than 20 years ago. Our communities have changed, our programs have changed, the way we learn has changed and our knowledge of healthy child development has grown.

In an effort to listen to feedback from our community, HIGH FIVE developed PHCD 4-hour, which offers high quality training delivered in a more succinct format. It focuses on the Principles and Design Guidelines and just like before, ensures that participants can implement these as soon as they leave the course.

New Opportunities to Upgrade Skills

HIGH FIVE will also now offer three new training modules. These one-hour modules will provide participants with opportunities to refresh their knowledge and upgrade their skills. The modules can be added on to a PHCD 4-hour course, used as in-service training or even be delivered as part of an all-staff meeting. You will be able to pick the modules that best meet your staff needs. Module topics for 2020 are:

• Communicating with Empathy

• Introduction to Conflict Resolution

• Planning Quality Programs

Pre-requisites: PHCD or HIGH FIVE Sport

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