PSP Recreation-Garrison Petawawa Epic Win!

Our summer campaign, Epic High Five, had an appropriately epic finale with PSP Recreation-Garrison Petawawa taking the prize valued at $1000 from FlagHouse! 

Campaign content had a combined reach on Facebook of over 33,000 users, including videos and submissions demonstrating the HIGH FIVE Principles of healthy child development, helping to spread the word of the importance of quality experiences for children at play.

“Play is one of the HIGH FIVE Principles of healthy child development that research states must exist for children to have quality experiences in sport and recreation.  HIGH FIVE helps organizations incorporate Play into programming so that children will have positive experiences and keep coming back for more.” - LJ Bartle, Director of the HIGH FIVE National Standard.

“We were happy to be the sponsor of the Epic High Five Campaign. FlagHouse believes in supporting quality programs to create healthy communities. The HIGH FIVE Standard and its focus on healthy child development achieves this goal .” - Kiel Tewarie, Physical Education Account Representative, FlagHouse.