Unique No More

The Principles of Healthy Child Development training focuses on giving children's program leaders the tools to help children feel good about themselves and to promote mutual understanding. The "I am Unique" exercise does just this. In it, participants are asked to share something that is unique to them. At a training in Toronto, Ontario, this led to a special HIGH FIVE moment. 

"During the “I am Unique” exercise one individual indicated that he was unique because he did not know how to ride a bike. Following the afternoon break the participants came back into the classroom and let us trainers know that one of the individuals in the group was not unique anymore! When we asked what they meant one of the participants let us know that during the break he asked to borrow one of the other participant’s bikes and together they taught this individual how to ride a bike. By the end of the break the participant was able to confidently and competently ride a bike. All other participants who were outside were cheering on this guy as he learned to ride this bike!

I cannot think of a better HIGH FIVE example than this!  It incorporated a Caring Adult, Making Friends, Participation, and Mastery! It was like they took everything we were teaching and fully applied it right then and there!
It was a really touching moment not only for that group who accomplished this task but for us as trainers realizing that the information we were teaching was being heard and understood and that we were actually making a difference in people’s lives."

Lori Posner, Community Recreation Programmer, City of Toronto