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Showing your HIGH FIVE pride is now EASIER than ever!

With new items that allow you to feature your organization’s logo, and a simple and easy way to order online at our new online shop, you can easily show parents and other stakeholders your commitment to quality for kids!
There are lots of new items on the store – and lots of your favourites! For those who prefer to order directly from their Authorized Provider, this option is always available.

Healthy Minds for Healthy Children now available to everyone!

Did you know that 1 in 5 children experiences a mental, emotional or behavioural condition that is severe enough to seriously affect their daily functioning at home, school or within the community? As front line service providers of quality programming for kids – you can have a direct positive effect on a child’s life! For this reason, Healthy Minds for Healthy Children Online Training is now offered to anyone who might be working with kids on the HIGH FIVE store for $35. However, for all participants of PHCD and HIGH FIVE Sport, this training is FREE by logging onto your HIGH FIVE account.

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