Why Choose a HIGH FIVE® Accredited Organization?


HIGH FIVE accreditation is the highest recognized level of quality and safety in children’s sport and recreation in Canada. Organizations that have achieved accreditation have been registered with HIGH FIVE for at least three years and are distinguished by their focus on healthy child development in all aspects of their operation, from programming to policies and procedures and risk management. These organizations work diligently to maintain their credentials, through performance evaluations and training. 

HIGH FIVE actually creates a baseline of quality recreation that is now a consistent thread through all of our recreation programs.– Janie Romoff, General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation, City of Toronto (HIGH FIVE Accredited Organization, 2017) 

All HIGH FIVE Accredited Organizations:

Staff Committed Assessments
Ensure that at least 85% of their staff if HIGH FIVE trained.  Are committed to healthy child development.  Undergo rigorous assessments of their policies, procedures, and risk management guidelines. 

Accredited Organizations