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As a provider of kids’ programs, you know how much goes into your daily operations. With focus split so many different ways, it can be difficult to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and that you’re always keeping the needs of children front of mind. Taking a holistic approach to meeting your organizational objectives is the only way to establish yourself as a credible fixture in your community, and keep yourself moving forward toward continual operational excellence.

From developing staff on the ground to applying for funding and everything in between, HIGH FIVE is your complete guide to providing positive experiences for children. That’s why HIGH FIVE is trusted by over 400 organizations across Canada.

More than 1 million happy kids annually are the end result of this commitment to quality, made by organizations like yours!

HIGH FIVE benefits your organization in key areas, including*:

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Measuring Success

98% of Organizations say that kids are having better experiences because of HIGH FIVE
96% of Organizations use HIGH FIVE to help them meet strategic objectives to deliver quality programs

Increasing Recognition and Credibility

91% of Organizations credit HIGH FIVE for improving customer satisfaction and making parents happy
87% of Organizations report HIGH FIVE improves their recognition and credibility as a quality service provider

Developing Expertise

97% of Organizations recognize that HIGH FIVE fosters healthy child development and opportunities for play
Confident/skilled staff and access to best practices are the top 2 benefits of using HIGH FIVE

Managing Risk and Operations

95% of Organizations use HIGH FIVE to improve operations and make their daily practices more child-focused
89% of Organizations reduce their risk and liability using HIGH FIVE

Start providing the best way to play!

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*(HIGH FIVE Impact Study, 2016)