You’re the most important part of a child’s experience. Make it count!

HIGH FIVE for people interacting with kids

Research has proven that the presence of a Caring Adult can make or break a positive experience for a child in recreation, competitive sport or any other kind of program. That’s why HIGH FIVE training starts with you. HIGH FIVE certification provides you with a recognized qualification that employers look for when hiring staff to work with kids. Gain the confidence to be the best leader possible so that the children in your programs are experiencing healthy child development, resulting in a positive experience for everyone!

Your certification also gives you:

  • A solid foundation of knowledge to support the needs of kids in key areas like mental health, physical activity, bullying and healthy competition
  • Invaluable resources to help you plan activities and navigate challenging situations
  • Transferable skills and expertise in providing the best possible experience for kids aged 6 to 12
  • Enriching career development, with a chance to take specialized trainings and expanding your expertise in other areas like program assessment and risk management

The best place to start is with Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD), which is designed for non-competitive environments, or HIGH FIVE Sport if you're a coach. You can then move on to specialization in children's mental health, by taking Healthy Minds for Healthy Children or Strengthening Children's Mental Health!

Quick Facts

  1. HIGH FIVE PHCD training has a 100% satisfaction rate*, with participants agreeing it gives them a solid understanding of the social, emotional and cognitive needs of kids.
  2. 9 out of 10 participants who have taken Strengthening Children’s Mental Health training feel confident that they can immediately begin better supporting children’s mental health.**

*(Ontario After School Initiative Feedback, 2013)
**(SCMH Training Feedback, 2015)