Physical Activity

Despite all the benefits of physical activity, only 5% of Canadians children and youth are getting enough daily physical activity.1

Research shows that, in order for kids to be physically healthy and experience optimal well-being, they need to engage in both moderate and vigorous physical activity.

Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that children are active for 60 minutes a day. Organizations that train their front line staff in HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD), Principles in Practice or HIGH FIVE Sport have the resources and expertise to better plan their programs and activities, ensuring that participants have the chance to move from moderate activities like catching and throwing to vigorous ones like running and jumping. HIGH FIVE trained leaders also learn how to identify physical signifiers that children are experiencing enough quality physical activity.

In 2013, HIGH FIVE updated PHCD training to include new modules on key areas such as moderate to vigorous physical activity, physical literacy, children’s mental health, bullying and conflict resolution. These core enhancements are also available in PHCD Update training for leaders who have previously taken PHCD prior to 2013-14. Along with HIGH FIVE Sport, these trainings include an exclusive downloadable Physical Activity Toolkit which provides tangible and customizable activity and program templates with specific modifications to enhance physical activity, taking the guess work out of planning quality programs for kids.

1. Active Healthy Kids Report Card on Physical Activity, 2014

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