To build better programs for kids, you need the right tools. HIGH FIVE® is the answer!

HIGH FIVE for program supervisors

Why take chances with the quality of your operations when you can rely on years of research and evidence?

As a supervisor, it is critical to know where your program is performing well and where improvements can be made to enhance the experience of the children you serve. Using HIGH FIVE training and the scientifically-validated QUEST 2 Tool to set benchmarks, goals and track progress toward improving program quality can be the difference that results in recognition as a leading provider in your community.

Use the HIGH FIVE QUEST 2 Tool to:

  • Accurately assess the quality of your children’s programs using evidence-based indicators
  • Track results with personalized reporting through the HIGH FIVE Database
  • Find opportunities for staff development and nurturing expertise in healthy child development and children’s mental health
  • Identify and fill gaps in knowledge and operations, enhancing the holistic quality of your program offering

Supervisors across Canada trust HIGH FIVE to help them put kids first. In fact, 96% of organizations using HIGH FIVE say it has helped them meet their strategic objectives of delivering quality programs! More than 9 out of 10 organizations use HIGH FIVE to improve their daily practices and operations.+

Quick Facts

  1. 50% of families in Canada rely on programs to keep their kids active. *
  2. 91% of HIGH FIVE organizations have enjoyed an improvement in customer satisfaction+.
  3. Less than half of kids in Canada are meeting the basic requirements of physical literacy.**

+ (HIGH FIVE Impact Study, 2016)
*(Parents Canada Survey, 2016)
**(2011-16 CAPL [CAPL], Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group [HALO]).