Take Action

HIGH FIVE® makes a difference by giving every child the chance to benefit from quality programs. Join us to support the healthy development of children across the country!

There are several ways in which you can get involved:

Choose HIGH FIVE® for Your Child

Explore why parents love enrolling their children in programs that are involved with HIGH FIVE or have HIGH FIVE-trained staff.

Get Trained

Explore our variety of trainings, learn how you can become HIGH FIVE certified, and see how you can make a difference in a child's life through sport and recreation.

Become a HIGH FIVE® Advocate

Help us spread the word about HIGH FIVE®. Whether you're a parent who thinks this might help your child's recreation and sport program, or you're an employee of an organization that you feel may benefit from implementing the HIGH FIVE® Principles and training, you can to take action and let your voice be heard! 

Become a HIGH FIVE® Organization

Learn how your organization can benefit from the application of the HIGH FIVE® Principles, assessment tools and training. Every Organization is unique so there are a number of types of affiliation.

Host a Training

Experience a HIGH FIVE® training by hosting one! Whether it is for the community or for your own organization, hosting a training may be the best way for you to understand the benefits of HIGH FIVE®.

Become a HIGH FIVE® Trainer

Learn how you can become certified as a HIGH FIVE® trainer and deliver training to organizations or within your own organization on an on-going basis.

Share Your Story

Learn how to create and submit your testimonial about HIGH FIVE®.  Send us your testimonials or feel free to contact your Authorized Provider or HIGH FIVE® National at any time!