This one-day training helps supervisors improve risk management in children’s programs by learning how to assess and measure quality with the HIGH FIVE scientifically validated QUEST 2 Tool. Supervisors will use the QUEST 2 Tool and learn how to enter their data into the HIGH FIVE Database to track their organization’s progress as well as identify areas of need. They will also learn how to debrief the results of the assessments with staff in a positive way.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this training, learners will be able to:

  • Use the QUEST 2 scientifically validated Tool for assessing children’s programs
  • Identify the risk of not assessing programs and the benefits of regular program assessment
  • Identify how to conduct an effective debrief with staff

Resources: Workbook for Assessors and Assessment Tool

Successful candidates will receive a certificate.

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7.5 Hours
Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) or HIGH FIVE Sport
Audience: Supervisors