Host a Training

There is nothing like experiencing a training to make you understand what HIGH FIVE® is really all about.

For this exact reason, many Organizations start out with HIGH FIVE by hosting a training! You can request to host a training by clicking on the button below, or for more information about the process please contact your local HIGH FIVE representative

Explore what trainings HIGH FIVE has to offer and which one you may want to host!

Hosting a virtual live training? Get the tools you need to be successful! 

Download a poster to help you promote your HIGH FIVE training in your community:
Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) Training Promotional Poster
QUEST 2 Training Promotional Poster
HIGH FIVE Sport Training Promotional Poster
Strengthening Children's Mental Health Training Promotional Poster

Host a Training

Please note: The Host Organization is responsible to ensure trainings are held in accordance with the standards established by HIGH FIVE and applicable federal and provincial laws and regulations and municipal by-laws, including but not limited to, human rights and accessibility legislation. If these standards are not met the Trainer is authorized to delay the training until the issue is resolved or re-schedule the training.