Spread the Word

If you're interested in helping to introduce an organization to the benefits of applying the HIGH FIVE® difference, you can become a HIGH FIVE advocate.

We've created a number of resources that you can use to help introduce and explain HIGH FIVE to your organization, community centre, local government representative etc. Feel free to print, share and distribute the information below to others. If you have any further questions about HIGH FIVE, please feel free to contact your local HIGH FIVE representative.

Information Cards and Brochures

Supporting Documents

  • Receive a HIGH FIVE Info Package - It expands upon the holistic benefits of using HIGH FIVE to enhance your organizational objectives at all operational levels.
  • HIGH FIVE Case for Support - is a document to help you build a case for support and establish why HIGH FIVE should be used in any organization.
  • Quality Matters Report - Captures the achievements of HIGH FIVE as it has grown to become a nationally recognized standard, and outlines HIGH FIVE's responses to current trends that are having an impact on the health of our children.

Parent Resources


  • Introduction to HIGH FIVE - A basic presentation containing key messaging, that you can use to introduce others to HIGH FIVE and can customize for your own organization. 

If you're preparing for a presentation addressing a specific topic or audience, we're happy to help you craft a message that will garner support for HIGH FIVE in your community! Contact you Authorized Provider to get started.


Visit our Youtube Channel for informative testimonials and impactful stories about HIGH FIVE's approach to healthy child development across Canada!