HIGH FIVE® has brought a new perspective on how to provide quality recreation to children under 12.

Most recreation leaders want the kids to enjoy themselves, learn and return, hopefully with a friend. I get excited and animated when talking to recreation providers on simple ways to improve their programs through the implementation of the Principles of Healthy Child Development. Mostly because the Principles are concepts we should know and use with children but are lost/forgotten in the transition into adulthood. The interactions between the leader and children are the foundation to future participation and HIGH FIVE should be offered in every recreation setting. The smiles on the kids faces should be sufficient motive to pursue this.

I’ve had nothing but good feedback from the leaders who took part in the training. I’ve seen leaders transform themselves in the programs my kids are involved in.  As a parent, it’s nice the see your child being involved and eager to learn. I’m convinced the leader feels the same. 

Martin Paul
Physical Activity Promoter, Porcupine Health Unit