Parks and Recreation Ontario

HIGH FIVE® is a division of Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO). PRO is committed to developing Healthy People, Vibrant Communities, and Sustainable Environments. Find out more about how PRO supports recreation and parks in Ontario communities by visiting the PRO website.

Recreation is an active, leisure-time pursuit that enriches the individual by improving health, developing a skill or building self-esteem and includes a broad range of activities such as physical activity, community sport, heritage, and artistic and cultural endeavours. Recreation can take place in a wide range of settings including community facilities, trails, and parks and on the water. Recreation is essential to quality of life.


Parks and Recreation Ontario is a non-profit association that advances the health, social and environmental benefits of quality recreation and parks through evidence-based practices, resources and collaborative partnerships.


  1. Influencing: Advance the development of government policy that ensures safe, affordable, accessible and quality recreation and parks opportunities and increase awareness of the importance and benefit of recreation and parks.
  2. Building Capacity: Strengthen the capacity of sector stakeholders to help Ontarians to lead healthier lifestyles.
  3. Quality Assurance: Strengthen quality standards to facilitate continuous improvement in service delivery.


Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) was formed in 1995 as a result of the consolidation of former member organizations of the Parks and Recreation Federation of Ontario (PRFO). Today, PRO has over 2,400 members including professionals, volunteers, educators, students, interested citizens, elected officials and commercial representatives from within the recreation industry and allied sectors. Through its membership, PRO has a connection with over 15,000 professionals and volunteers who provide parks and recreation services.

PRO’s elected Board of Directors has representatives from recreation and parks and allied sectors such as health and education. PRO fulfills its strategic goals by collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders to influence decisions and policies that support the benefits of recreation through information, advocacy, and the research and development of innovative and relevant products and services.

PRO’s work is founded on collaborative action. PRO is a member of several coalitions aimed at improving the health of Ontarians through recreation and by promoting active, healthy lifestyles. In addition, PRO plays a leadership role on Play Works and June is Recreation and Parks Month. Also, PRO founded HIGH FIVE, Canada’s quality standard for organizations providing recreation and sport programs to children.