Commitment to Children

HIGH FIVE® is a standard committed to enhancing healthy child development within sport and recreation. Organizations involved with HIGH FIVE are aware that there is an expectation and responsibility to uphold the Commitment to Children policy seen below.

If you're interested in sharing or implementing HIGH FIVE's goals with your recreation or sport organization feel free to print, share the link and speak to others. If you have any further questions about HIGH FIVE, please feel free to contact your local HIGH FIVE representative.


Environments for children must be:

  • Secure, safe, and stable;
  • Caring;
  • Stimulating;
  • Accessible;
  • Challenging;
  • Considerate of personal space needs and special needs;
  • Equipped with age, size, and ability-appropriate equipment, furniture, and materials; and 
  • Welcoming of diverse races, cultures and abilities.

Activities for children must:

  • Allow for a combination of self-directed and leader-directed activities;
  • Provide children with opportunities for input, involvement, and choice;
  • Reflect both assessed and expressed needs;
  • Provide opportunities for active participation and reflection;
  • Encourage co-operation and friendship;
  • Incorporate varied learning styles and developmental stages;
  • Recognize uniqueness and encourage mastery; and
  • Value and incorporate cultural, racial and linguistic delivery.

Leaders must:

  • Ensure all children are treated with respect, honesty, and trust;
  • Recognize and accept children's individual needs and circumstances;
  • Employ positive behaviour-management methods;
  • Help children value and celebrate diversity in the community;
  • Consistently model appropriate behaviour; and 
  • Continually evaluate the program and leadership to ensure improvement and reflect changing needs.

Organizations must:

  • Encourage and support the on-going development of staff and volunteers with regard to their knowledge and understanding of healthy child development;
  • Ensure clear and on-going communication with parents and families;
  • Encourage participation and input from children and families; and
  • Provide the organizational supports necessary to ensure that children feel safe, welcome, competent, connected, empowered and special.

HIGH FIVE® is committed to enhancing healthy child development within sport and recreation. Accredited and registered organizations uphold the Commitment to Children Policy.