You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! We’ve compiled responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about HIGH FIVE® for your convenience.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Feel free to send us an e-mail at info@HIGHFIVE.org or call us at 1.877.422.9838.

Why should my organization participate in HIGH FIVE?

Research indicates that organizations registered with HIGH FIVE® are improving the experiences of children participating in recreation and sports programs and enhancing the long term success of their staff and organization.

Hear from organizations and experts involved and how they feel HIGH FIVE is making a difference in service delivery, program quality and most importantly, children's lives.

Take a moment to explore more about whether your organization should register with HIGH FIVE.

What if my organization already provides good sport and recreation programs for children?

HIGH FIVE® gives organizations the opportunity to see where they stand, provincially and nationally, as a deliverer of quality children’s sport and recreation programs.  Read about why organizations are involved and how HIGH FIVE is making an impact. You can also take this quiz to see if your organization might benefit from getting involved with HIGH FIVE.

Find out more about how you can become a HIGH FIVE Organization; challenge existing practices, make appropriate enhancements and raise the bar!  

How do you know HIGH FIVE works?

The findings of a 2004 survey of Registered Organizations showed:

78% of all Registered Organizations reported that HIGH FIVE® has improved the experiences of children in their programs either somewhat or a great deal. Agencies are reporting reasonable, empirical evidence to back up this impact, such as fewer behavioral problems/incidents; positive parent comments; fewer incidents of negative behavior documented in day camp; helpful QUEST 2 results; and feedback from parents and staff.

To learn more about the impact of HIGH FIVE, hear more from organizations and experts involved and take a look at the research conducted. 

I think HIGH FIVE is great!  How can I convince my manager to get involved?

Start off by becoming a HIGH FIVE advocate and use the resources provided.  You can also inform you manager that HIGH FIVE® is based on research and its assessment tools are scientifically validated. Your Authorized Provider can advise you on how HIGH FIVE® can enhance your organization's reputation, its working environment and its bottom line. More than 75,000 HIGH FIVE® trained leaders have provided programs to almost a half a million children across Canada. 

I have to justify implementing HIGH FIVE to Council and I need help. Any suggestions?

Become a HIGH FIVE advocate and use our resources and tools to build your case for support. HIGH FIVE® has also developed a sample and working template that can be found in the previous link. The Case for Support provides an overview and suggested approach for positioning why you need HIGH FIVE to gain support from Council, a Board of Directors or donors.

Can I use the HIGH FIVE logo in our promotional materials?

Once you have become a HIGH FIVE® Registered Organization and have implemented training in PHCD, QUEST 2 and QUEST 1, you will be able to put the HIGH FIVE mark of quality on your organization's marketing materials . Parents are looking for programs bearing the HIGH FIVE logo to ensure the organization is committed to healthy child development.

What is a HIGH FIVE Orientation Session and do I need it?

This webinar is for newly HIGH FIVE® Registered Organizations, those who want a refresher, or those who simply are interested in learning about HIGH FIVE. Learn how to start implementing HIGH FIVE and access all of its benefits: Reduced prices for leading edge training and resources; Quality measurement tools; Fee subsidies; Database; HIGH FIVE Logo.

By the end of the session you will have a very good idea of how to begin utilizing HIGH FIVE to your Organization’s advantage.

Why should my organization become Accredited?

Accreditation is the highest recognized level of quality and safety in children’s sport and recreation.  Organizations that have achieved Accreditation have been registered for at least three years and are distinguished by their focus on healthy child development in all aspects of their operation, from programming to policies and procedures.  The Accreditation Process outlines the 5 levels of achievement an organization must work through to reach Accreditation. If you want more information about the Accreditation Process, feel free to contact your Authorized Provider.

Are being Registered and Accredited with HIGH FIVE the same thing?

No, Organizations start out being Registered with HIGH FIVE® and can then determine if they want to work towards Accreditation. 

What happens if my organization does not want to work towards Accreditation?

That’s fine. We welcome any level of participation in HIGH FIVE®. For example, you can simply train your staff in Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) or any other training. You will derive significant benefits and enhancements to the quality of your programs through any aspect of HIGH FIVE.

Is HIGH FIVE a program in which I can enroll my child?

No. HIGH FIVE® is a standard that organizations choose to implement to ensure kids have the best way to play. HIGH FIVE provides tools, training and resources to help organizations improve and measure the quality of their programs for children, 6 to 12 years of age. Look for HIGH FIVE Organizations near you

What does the HIGH FIVE logo mean?

The HIGH FIVE® logo symbolizes an organization’s “Commitment to Children”. You will find this logo on materials that HIGH FIVE® produces, as well as in recreation guides and other communications material produced by registered HIGH FIVE® organizations.
What does the logo stand for? The five stars represent the five principles of healthy child development, –– a caring adult, opportunities to play, make friends , master skills and participate . When all of these elements of quality are present, the recreation or sport program will contribute to healthy child development.

How can I suggest to my local recreation department or organization that they get involved with HIGH FIVE?

We have many resources to help you take action and become a HIGH FIVE advocate. Use these resources to help build your case for support! If your local organization is not involved, contact the person responsible for children’s programs or the director of recreation and suggest that they become involved. You may also contact your local HIGH FIVE representative and provide an address where we can send an information package. You can also speak to a local city councilor or board member about the importance of your local organization becoming involved in HIGH FIVE.

Is HIGH FIVE mandatory for organizations providing recreation and sports programs?

No. HIGH FIVE® is a voluntary program for organizations that are interested in ensuring their programs support healthy child development. Although not required, it is the only holistic standard of its type in Canada.

I see job ads that require HIGH FIVE certification. How do I get certified?

Most commonly employers are looking for you to get certified by taking a Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) training. You can search for the closest training to you by visiting the training calendar and contacting the host organization to register.

Is there a minimum age for training participants in PHCD?

There isn’t a minimum age requirement, however we recommend that participants are at least 15 years old since the training is based on the principles of adult learning.

Can anyone register for training?

We do have requirements for each training. We recommend you visit the 'Get Trained' section of the website to determine which training description is suitable for you qand if you have the requirements needed.

I am not part of an organization. Can I still take the training?

If you are not part of an organization, you can still take HIGH FIVE training if you meet the specific requirements outlined in the 'Get Trained' section of the website.

How do I register to take a training?

Click on the training calendar at the top of the homepage and search by postal code or province. Once you see the training you want to attend in your area, contact the host organization to register.

What is the cost to get certified and take a training?

The cost for training is determined by the host organization and which training you are interested in. Once you find a training you want to attend on the training calendar, you can contact the host organization who will be able to let you know of the cost.

Do I have to write a test to pass the training?

No. To obtain certification, we expect active participation, role modeling of the five Principles and 100% attendance.

Do I get a certificate after the training?

Yes, successful HIGH FIVE Training Participants can now print their own certificates online through the HIGH FIVE Database!  

How can you print your own certificates?

Login into your personal HIGH FIVE account by clicking on "Login" at the top right of the HIGH FIVE website 

  • Login with your username and password 
  • Click on the ‘Person’ tab and then click on ‘View my Profile’
  • Click on the ‘Training’ Tab 
  • At that point you will be able to see the training you have taken and be able to click on the icon that says wallet size or full size certificate. You can also print both!
I lost my certificate. Can I get another copy?

Yes, please contact your Authorized Provider to obtain another copy.