Since the inception of HIGH FIVE in 2001, it has and is being recognized across Canada as the national standard for children’s programs. Examples of this recognition can be seen through the following points:

  • 2016 marked 15 years of HIGH FIVE providing Canadian organizations with the tools, resources and expertise to help them deliver positive experiences for kids in their programs.
  • In 2016, HIGH FIVE was awarded the CPRA Partnership Award. This award marks a benchmark of growth, with more than 1 million kids annually having positive experiences through HIGH FIVE Organizations across Canada!
  • HIGH FIVE Accreditation is recommended as a best practice to the Minister of Health called Reaching for the Top, A Report by the Advisor on Healthy Children and Youth, 2007
  • Governments across the country recognize HIGH FIVE to access fee subsidies and funding (i.e. Ontario regulation 262 under the Day Nurseries Act requires organizations to meet 5 requirements for funding eligibility in order to receive fee subsidies for children recreation programs). One of the requirements is quality assurance.  HIGH FIVE is recognized as an option
  • Childcare providers and ECE teachers are being trained in HIGH FIVE across the country, as well as using the Tools to assess their programs. For example, the New Brunswick Childcare Coalition recommends HIGH FIVE to its members and the ECE teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador use HIGH FIVE training as professional development to meet requirements for re-certification
  • The F/P/T After-School Time Period Physical Activity Post Workshop Report from May 4th, 2010 outlined  HIGH FIVE training be included in a standardized offering to  frontline leaders working within the after school time period
  • HIGH FIVE is recognized by federal government in 2012 within the Multi-Sectoral Framework for Action on the After School Time Period as part of the shared areas of action for training.
  • The Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP) developed a working description of what it means to offer a quality after school programs. One of the primary sources for defining quality active after school experiences and programs is ‘The HIGH FIVE Quality Framework developed by Parks and Recreation Ontario including the HIGH FIVE Principles of healthy child development and design guidelines essential for quality programs (Physical Health Education Canada, 2014)
  • 2013 Canadian Red Cross Injury Prevention Award Awarded to Parks and Recreation Ontario for its outstanding achievement and commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable people in Canada through the HIGH FIVE Standard. Both Canadian Red Cross and Lifesaving Society have integrated HIGH FIVE into their Instructor courses so that the Instructors who successfully complete the course come away dually certified
  • More than 75 Academic Institutions such as School Boards, High Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country are embedding HIGH FIVE training within curriculum to help prepare students for the workforce
  • Many Organizations, especially Municipalities, make HIGH FIVE a pre-requisite for employment

HIGH FIVE Impact Summary Report

HIGH FIVE Impact Summary Report

In recognition of 15 years of HIGH FIVE, this report outlines the impact the HIGH FIVE Standard has had on its organizations and the children they serve across Canada.

Quality Matters Report

Quality Matters Report available now!

On National Child Day (November 20th, 2013), HIGH FIVE National, a division of Parks and Recreation Ontario, released Quality Matters, a progress report that captures the achievements of HIGH FIVE as it has grown to become a nationally recognized standard, being delivered in both official languages across Canada. It also outlines current trends that are having an impact on the health of our children and how HIGH FIVE is responding. You'll see how HIGH FIVE makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children each year.

For further information about how HIGH FIVE is being recognized in your specific province/territory, contact your Authorized Provider