Start building your students tomorrow, today!

HIGH FIVE for people working with students aged 16+

You work hard to ensure your students have a bright future. HIGH FIVE certification is a sure-fire way to make sure their first steps into a career working with kids are taken with confidence backed by a nationally recognized credential. More employers than ever are looking for HIGH FIVE certification when hiring, because they know that HIGH FIVE trained staff are more engaged and knowledgeable about putting kids’ needs first.

HIGH FIVE training is a great way to link your curriculum with tangible job skills and knowledge that students can use to get a head start on achieving their goals, providing positive experiences for kids in programs!

HIGH FIVE certification benefits for students:

  • A nationally recognized certification for working with kids
  • Valuable job skills including program planning, communication, teamwork and problem solving
  • Expertise in key areas affecting healthy child development, including mental health, physical literacy and bullying
  • Opportunity to share interests and skills in arts, recreation, sports and/or healthy active living with kids in the community

HIGH FIVE allows your students to put their best foot forward and through the door of success.

Quick Facts

  1. 100% of participants in HIGH FIVE training say it has made them more skilled in addressing the complete needs of children.*
  2. 59% of program leader jobs go to people under 25! **

Curriculum Connections

  • HIGH SCHOOL: Health and Physical Education, Family Studies, Humanities, Social Science
  • COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY: Applied Health Sciences, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Recreation, Leisure and Parks, Kinesiology, Interdisciplinary studies, Recreation Therapy, Social Work, Fitness and Health Promotion, Sport Administration and Management, and more

*(Ontario After School Initiative Feedback, 2013)
** (Service Canada, 2013)