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The Standard for Quality Recreation and Sport Programs!

At HIGH FIVE®, accreditation is not just a choice; it's a necessity, no matter the size of your organization! For over two decades, HIGH FIVE® has been the Champion of quality assurance, ensuring that organizations meet the highest standards of excellence. Join our community of accredited organizations – because making a difference starts with a commitment to quality. Elevate your impact, and become accredited with HIGH FIVE®!

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Program Overview

The purpose of this program

Enhancing the quality of children's recreation and sport experiences lies at the heart of Accreditation. It serves as a beacon for organizations striving to provide holistic, enriching environments that foster healthy development, lifelong skills, and unforgettable memories for every child. 

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Who Is It For?

Accreditation is tailor-made for organizations dedicated to excellence in children's programming. From community centers and youth clubs to recreation offering businesses and sports leagues, any entity committed to delivering exceptional recreation and sport experiences for children aged 4 to 12 can benefit from the rigorous standards and supportive quality framework of HIGH FIVE® Accreditation. 


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Elevated Quality Standards

HIGH FIVE® Accreditation ensures that your organization operates at the highest quality standards, providing children with enriching and developmentally appropriate recreation and sport experiences. 

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Enhanced Reputation

Achieving accreditation demonstrates your organization's commitment to excellence, leading to increased trust and credibility among parents, caregivers, and the community. 

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Community Resources & Support 

Accredited organizations gain access to resources, tools, and ongoing support from HIGH FIVE® National, empowering continuous improvement and innovation in programming. 


Reviews from our Partners

"At Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, we take pride in helping Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families handle many unique aspects of the military lifestyle. Providing high-quality recreation programs is one of the many ways that we support military families in living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

HIGH FIVE has enabled us to maximize our efforts across Canada through a standardized framework of service delivery. Through HIGH FIVE, our staff is taught to build supportive relationships that strengthen resiliency and boost self-esteem. Our programs are assessed using the QUEST tools, which enable us to address concerns and build on successes. Our policies are focused on supporting the safety, well-being and the healthy development of participants. Through our partnership with HIGH FIVE, we have received excellent support to help us build stronger recreation programs and staff that meet the needs of military communities coast to coast.”


Ryan Cane

Canadian Forces Bases

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Readiness Assessment 

Assess your organization's readiness for Accreditation by completing the Accreditation Readiness Assessment with HIGH FIVE® National 



Prepare evidence that supports the Verification Report findings and join the official Verification meeting to present the evidence to the external Verifier.


Confirm Your commitment

Demonstrate your commitment to achieving Accreditation by submitting an Accreditation Letter of Commitment. 


Continous Improvement

Once Accredited,  celebrate your achievement with the HIGH FIVE® National Accreditation Celebration and work on continuos quality improvements. 


Achieve Standards

Work towards meeting the annual review requirements to achieve Accreditation standards. The Quality Framework provides the pathway. 

Accreditation Process

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